The Hate Club

Alternative electronic artist The Hate Club’s confrontational and cathartic artistry is a “[email protected]*# you” to inner torment. The LA-based act is offering a lifeline to the disenfranchised.


“The Hate Club is a place for outcasts to call home, for people to punch in the face the messed up world we live in,” says THC’s dark and twisted visionary Alex Poe. The message of THC’s deviant anthems is: you’re not alone in this, your scream has been heard.


Fusing the spite and swagger of punk rock, the elegiac majesty of The Doors, and the intrepid adventurousness of all strains of electronic music, Alex has nurtured a signature aesthetic which he channels into a firebrand pop compositional sensibility. The Hate Club has garnered favorable comparisons to George Clanton, Yungblud, and Missio. THC songs are impactful, hooky, emotionally raw, and poetically vitriolic.


In keeping with that classic punk rock spirit, Alex is a dedicated DIY-er who writes, performs, tracks, mixes, and masters all of his songs. He also channels this bold independence into the live realm through performing solo while achieving a full-band sound through using a custom-built Ableton Push.


“I want to reinvent the way artists perform now. I think there’s so much room to explore in the electronic world, in terms of performance,” he shares. “I use the Ableton Push to combine band stage presence and electronic music sound capabilities.”


Up until now, THC has released 2 EPs. THC’s debut release, 2017’s Space Born EP, crashed electronic underground scene with artful vigor, making it a cult fav in the US in two main musical mecca’s, LA and NYC. Now, THC is releasing the MISFIT EP. Both releases were written during the same time of fevered expression, and the pair put forth a retaliatory and visceral statement on heartbreak. The music here explodes with dark impulsive emotionality, and the sounds are chaotic, piercing, fast-paced and ugly.

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Journal of a RocknRolla

Public Diary

The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.
– Friedrich Nietzsche

The Hate Club vs The World

The story skips on a few less poetic remarks made by the people in a dialogue above. Remarks against where humanity is today, but this isn’t politics, I would never want for things to take that direction, this is where people truly lose their heads.

More or less, that was the story behind how I came up with the name for the band. My friend and I were a little drunk and a little high, sitting in a “red room” in Silverlake in Los Angeles….basically, we were talking shit, something all of us enjoy when in a company of a close friend.

If you’re curious about my life, read the uncensored stories on my public diary here.


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