Summer Tour 2017

My summer, all of a sudden, got super busy: meeting amazing people, doing concerts across the US and writing tons of new material. Currently writing this of my friend’s house in Columbus. What’s been happening down here? A lot!

Just found out that The Hate Club was invited to play Couch Fest 2017, it’s in Michigan in Temperance’ Vienna park. How sick is that?

The day of my arrival I played at the Blind Pig, and what a sick venue it is, especially its green room, sooo much grunge! Next up is Old Miami in Detroit and The Token Lounge in Westland.

About to start rehearsing for the first series of shows where I’m going to be playing with a full band (adding a drummer and a bassist). By the way, Andre is going to be guy playing the drums, hanging with his squad throughout this journey! Amazing people.

Just uploaded a couple of songs, waiting for them to be published on spotify and other platforms. Go give it a listen in a couple of day, it takes time for these things to come through.

I need to and get more coffee.

Much love,

The Hate Club aka Alex Poe