Space Born EP – ep.3

The 2nd episode features one of the tracks on the EP called “Poison”. The more I immerse myself into The Hate Club project the more I enjoy being an antihero in today’s world. Everyone around seems to play it safe and very PC, slowly turning the world into one of those Black Mirror episodes. How boring would that be?

Instead of having vibrant colors people seem to look for this neutral middle. Everyone preaches about factory produced values, come on, don’t you have your own opinion? You hear about all these “vibes”, “live in the moment”, it’s all so artificial it makes me sick. Take a step outside and everyone copy pastes what they saw online. I swear the god, it’s like you can already predict what the person is going to say.

I think The Hate Club is that… it is about having an opinion, even if it has to go against the herd. My motto for the next few months is “don’t play safe”. 

The Space Born EP:

  1. Poison
  2. I Don’t Like You
  3. Bulletproof
  4. Hello, My Friend


Much love,