Secret ONESIE Party in DTLA

Calling all Los Angeles Party People. When was the last time you wore that secret Minion onesie stashed in the back of your closet out in public to see the light of day? Oh, last week? 3 days in a row? You sleep in it every night, tucked in the fetal position as you cradle yourself unconscious? Umm……Never mind.
Well after you dry clean that bad boy, there’s a good time waiting for you courtesy of THC. Let’s face it, 2017 has kicked our asses but to end the year on a “high”-“note” we’re squeezing in one last sucker punch before it’s over. How does smoking a fat blunt in your trashiest pjs sound? How about having a pillow fight at a secret underground DTLA warehouse party?
Just imagine: beautiful swaying bodies across a crowd of assorted Narwhals and Unicorns, the bass from loud live music vibrating through you. You see clouds of smoke billowing from the mouth of a babe, she gives you a wink as feathers explode like fireworks everywhere around you. Are you tingling downstairs at the thought of living your early 00’s “Not Another Teen Movie” fantasy? We hope so. The opportunity you’ve been waiting for arrives on December 16th 2017.


Jello shots and punch set the anti-prom mood as we throw a party that will remind you of the ones you used to throw as a teen while your parents went out of town. Tickets are $10 presale which is active until December 10th. Tickets go for $15 the week of the show. We are personally inviting you to join the club and dance the night away with us in honor of The Hate Club’s EP Release.
So, what the hell is THC you say? My my, I thought you’d never ask. It’s not what but WHO. Ahem, let me introduce to you The Hate Club: your new favorite audio drug and underground event host throwing the most epic party for his Los Angeles debut. I see your brow squint. What’s the deal with this guy? Fresh on the scene, The Hate Club is an emerging artist with a vision for revolutionizing live performance.
Solo artist Alex Poe has blended the electronic instrumentation defined by the sounds of a rhythm n’ blues band gone industrial dark dance-pop set atop an 80’s MJ baseline groove that summons the booty to shake. THC has condensed these genre-bending elements into a single push controlled pad that’s played as if it was a guitar; his performance presence has all the high octane energy of a full band. Alright. So what? Why should you care? If pillow fights and getting high in your most comfortable rags wasn’t enough.

Well, THC isn’t your Personal Jesus, but you’re welcome to praise him as the New King of LA Underground should you accept our invitation.This one time event is set to announce the release of his first collection of songs to the public, granting prospective audiences access to his music online and offering those present an intimate exclusive performance by THC, Zanya, L1ghtra1l and Ever So Android. Your presence at our event makes all the difference.
Without you, the night cannot exist. We ask you consider attending The Hate Club’s EP Release Party so that we generate media coverage responding to your experience. It's important to us to have your feedback on THC’s grand debut as well as the success of the party. By covering our event you are guaranteed to leave wanting more, and maybe a little dazed from all the pillow thrusts to the dome. After putting months of planning into making this one time event a special night of remembrance for all those who attend, our intentions go beyond the promotional premise of the evening.
We want you to have the time of your life and let go of all your worries. We want you to forget your problem, to take a chance by stepping out of your comfort zone and into your comfy  onesie. Most importantly we want you to get excited to participate in something out of the box and outside of the average show experience. We hope to see your fine asses there!

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Much love,