San Diego Trip Music Vid

oi oi oi!!! This weekend was crazy and I don’t know where to begin!! It all began with my friend, Dom Corleone, inviting me to a mansion party in the Hollywood Hills. We rocked that boat with a tight squad of 5 and this was the quite fabulous start for the entire weekend journey.

The vibes at the party were through the roof! Everyone was just way too cool. Almost forgot! Before we got there, my friend Sebastian, introduced me to the noise rock scene from the East Coast and this was how my alter ego – Merz was born. The Hate Club was always too much too handle for Alex Poe and it required a different entity to live that life.

The night went on and we kept doing what we do best – partying haha. After coming back home around 3am, completely exhausted, cooking steak and passing out, I woke up to another adventure that was opening its doors. This time it was a trip to San Diego for my friend’s small but amazing industry night…The Alex in me said, – “fuck this, I’m staying at home” but the Merz in me wasn’t fond of that idea as much….

An hour later I was cruising in the car south bound to SD. San Diego was a trip, our arrival was welcomed with police gunfire..literally….however, they weren’t shooting at us but at, what seemed an intoxicated “bruv” (thank god, he didn’t get killed. Later, as we found out reading the FOX news).

We gallopped  through the city taking a load of video material and drinking shots before we finally made to another house, this time in the San Diego Hills haha. You might have already guessed but the crowd there was the best! My friends stayed up till 7am while I passed out in the trunk of the car, then on top of 3 regular chairs that I assembled as a bed and finally crashed on a couch!

On our way back we drove through Laguna Beach and enjoyed an ocean breeze before finally reaching LA and here I am, sitting and typing this! I wish I could share all the details but I simply don’t have any strength for that and I’m gonna pass out.

Much love,

The Hate Club