It’s ok to be Flawed.


MISFIT EP is a self-produced record that I wrote as a continuation to Space Born EP.

Picking up where the Space Born EP left this new catalog explores the outcome of starting with a blank sheet. This EP glorifies inappropriate behaviour, looks at your past with disgust and focuses on your ego. While observing the surrounding world, and various types of media that feed us “the truth” I realized that I can barely relate to it, I always found it quite difficult to pursue all the qualities and so called virtues that the society dictates. You see online personalities wielding memes as new godly scriptures trying to bestove some “wisdom” on you and it makes you think, who said they know anything? Who said they possess the divine truth?

MISFIT EP is an intimate exploration of one’s ego. I want to be an antihero because I’m the manifestor of my reality. This EP was written about the same time as the Space Born EP, directing my frustration into creativity has had its significant impact on the sound quality of this collection of music. It’s dark, chaotic, piercing, fast paced and ugly.

Tracklist Commentary:

  • Under My Feet – this song is about walking your own roads over this world. And while others might have their opinions, it’s your call to pave your roads. The instrumentation of the song is heavy, with elements of industrial pop.
  • One Mile Away – 1MA is about random sexual relations, typically one-night stands, and about being really cocky about everything. The song is a fast-paced electronic rockabilly with elements of punk.
  • Little By Little – my personal favourite on this EP, this song is an alternative version of “I Don’t Like You” – featured on the Space Born EP for the first time. The wounds are still bleeding and I still call out to my former muse, however, now the tone is full of angst and despise. The instrumental is bluesy and is full of heavy electronic sonic elements.  
  • Unresolved – one of the brighter songs on this EP. This song reflects on how the loneliness sounds and how you’re crippled by staring at the empty phone screen waiting for a call, but it never happens. The style of this song is industrial pop with heavy bass lines and drums, married with samples synthesizers.
  • MISFIT – the last track on this EP is about outside influences, specifically stylistic. Perhaps synonymous to ADHD symptoms, the songs goes from rock inspired vocals to an imitation of sing-rapping and is meant to mock some of the trends in today’s music scene. The music is heavily electronic, with prominent guitar riffs and stomping drums. Personally, this song is a reminder of how easy it is to deviate in today’s turbulent times.