New music video – LITTLE BY LITTLE – is out!



“Letting go” is for the weak.

With this release I want to increase awareness about struggling with the idea of “letting go”. Every day we hear stuff like “move on”, “live in the moment” but I think that there’s a lot of people who absolutely can’t relate to that and even worse, such statements only increase your insecurities. Because you think you’re doing something wrong and you can’t understand how to fix it, when every expresses something as vague as “let it go” – I say bullshit, and it isn’t helping.

A message I want to communicate to people is it’s ok to be confused, and the worst thing you can is go against your nature and try to adjust to “foreign concepts”. If you’re teapot, you won’t be making god damn toasts. So be brave to understand and be yourself, because there’s nothing wrong with you. The main antagonist is desperately trying to get rid of the weight of his past (symbolized by the dead body bag).

What if you can’t forget, what if you can’t let go? I think the concept of “living in every moment” or “letting it go and moving on” is as fake as it gets. For some people it’s impossible, and the boilerplate pseudo-inspirational messages so commonly widespread on the internet are faux and lacking substance. I’m convinced that art must have a central, prevalent and dramatic conflict. Just like ancient Greek tragedies live to this day – idea, obsession is bigger than a man. We are yet to find a single evergreen story with “happily ever after”, unless you’re on a rainbow ride in Hollywood.

This song & music video is for people that don’t know the answer and find the idealistic abstraction concept foreign. It doesn’t mean that you suffer from this in any way, it means that you carry a beam of hope when others give up. You go against the current and either end up being swallowed by it or YOU become the new current. I don’t understand you, nor I want to be like you, think like you, live like you – there is nothing wrong with that.

For it is better to be wrong in one’s own way than to be right in someone else’s.