Launching My Podcast

What is alternative electronic? There’s a new format of sound out there, something that can be classified as having a “boutique sound”.
Not really pertaining to one specific genre but carrying traits of multiple creative permutations and electronic era influence. I’ve been digging for gems in this monotonous landscape of bands and artists and I want to share all the beautiful findings I was able to surface.
My aim with this is taking you into the unknown, through the depth of the underground and straight to the bands that are doing the “next big thing”.
With each band it’s different, sometimes it’s about using unconventional instrumentation, and sometimes it’s combining elements you’d never expect to interact in harmony. Personally, the music has always been about that “damn, where is this coming from?” factor and that’s at the core of House of the DVNT (pronounced as “deviant”) podcast + a small portion of aesthetic anarchy.
Taken during House of the DVNT ep.1, now forever lost
This is episode #2 and I wish I could send you a link to the opening episode, but it was lost forever somewhere in the depth of the web right after the launch. See a photo from the first show above.
A lot of people have been asking me about my genre and how to categorize the sound. I’ve had a fair amount of attempts to come up with a definition for it but to no avail. The only thing I’m sure of is that it’s all about electronic bands paving their own roads and creating a signature sound.
The idea behind House of the DVNT started circulating around 2 years ago, in a very closed group of like-minded individuals, in our headquarters in Los Feliz, Los Angeles. At first we wanted to start a secret society of creatives, since all of us are from very different backgrounds, and yet, we all want to create a movement and ideology bigger than ourselves.
Long story short, that secret society idea was a complete fiasco and shattered during our first official meeting – when we started discussing who’s going to be the president of House of the DVNT haha. Turns out that everyone, and myself including, wanted to own it and we end up fighting with each other and not talking for weeks after that. House of the DVNT is all about nonconformism, exploring the out of ordinary and insanity that opens doors to the impossible.
The Hate Club at the House of the DVNT
This Saturday I’m airing a 2nd episode of the podcast. Going live on FB at 5pm. I’ll be streaming it from this FB event page and this is an invitation for everyone curious about finding the new sound.
I might have some special guests showing up, literally looking at my texts right now and waiting for the ping back haha.
I’ll be giving shoutouts to all the artists I’ve been meeting on this journey and playing their records so you can understand why I’m so in love with the new underground scene.
This will be a perfect pregamer for you before you go and carpe noctem.
Much love,