House of the DVNT ep.4 – SXSW

Oi people! I’m back from SXSW 2018 and here’s an entire episode dedicated to that marvelous experience. I was fortunate enough to meet all of these guys and see their shows except for FUKC and Death Grips, whom I discovered online while being at SXSW. Show them all the love you’ve got!

1. Faire – Mireille se rappelle
2. Lye Marlow – Headlights
3. Acid Tongue – Humpty Dumpty
4. FUKC – My Father’s Son
5. The Hate Club – I Don’t Like You
6. LYLO – Hot Skin
7. Death Grips – Guillotine
8. Tan Frio el Verano – Cazador de Aves
9. IGBO – Thunderlove