2017 Tour Recap

Back in LA, back home! It’s been an excruciatingly busy summer for me. Mainly because of my first US tour where I met so many incredible people, I played some of the craziest shows, I started my secret event series called House of the DVNT and plenty of other tiny details that happened in-between.

I remember Keys’n’Dope smashing the drums with me on the stage at the Old Miami in Detroit because we had technical issues with the sound and couldn’t hear the backing tracks.

I remember playing my first US festival #CouchFest2017. Massive thanks to Tyler Sanders, Six Foot Roses and everyone else involved into putting that fest together.

I remember my best roadie ever Greg Benninger keeping me company for the entire trip and getting into all sorts of stories with me.

Check out this Green Room of all green rooms at the Blind Pig ahha

The guys at the Token lounge! Pete from Chasing The Sun and the rest of the gang were so cool to hang with!

What about making these shitty T-Shirts in a hotel room? Oh lord, haha

There’s too much to recall but this adventure will always stay on my mind. The thunders, the fireflies, the drunk arcade, grungy green rooms!

Check the photo album on FB – https://www.facebook.com/pg/thehateclub/photos/?tab=album&album_id=348143798973482

Much love,

The Hate Club